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  February 19, 2020

Leveraging an Open Learning Ecosystem to Support Corporate Learning

The new generation of employees working in corporate environments have different learning styles than their predecessors. They want training that is engaging, current, and selfdirected. Younger employees are also accustomed to mobile learning systems; they expect to be able to tap into training when and where they want. Not to mention, as your organization grows and evolves, approaches to training and onboarding or other processes or resources can change as well. In order to adapt to the constantly evolving needs of your team and the goals of your organization, a flexible corporate learning ecosystem needs to be implemented that can sustainably engage and empower learners.  

Open-Source Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) can provide a flexible and future-proof training solution that delivers, tracks, and stores courses and resources in an integrated and cohesive digital hub. Providing this type of corporate eLearning solution can challenge HR departments and Learning and Development managers, but it doesn’t need to. One of the most important considerations a learning professional should consider is the type of technology the learning platform is built upon. In particular, by choosing an open-source LMS, you gain multiple benefits that allow you to build an effective, dynamic and  integrated learning ecosystem. Consider the following: 

  1. Open-source allows your LMS to adopt a best-of-breed content strategy. This means that instead of purchasing a proprietary software package that contains some of the  programs or features you need, you pick and choose what fits your training goals best and add them to your platform with easy integrations and custom content 
  2. The source code is free, allowing you to build your learning ecosystem to meet your exact needs. Also, you own all your own data. If your company decides to switch hosting providers or even self-host,  your data goes with you, allowing for a smooth transition without sacrificing the progress made on your current site. Use it the way you want, where you want, with the vendor that provides you with the service you need. 
  3. You can maintain brand identity and integrity. With a proprietary closed-source LMS you typically get to choose from a few templates, but they don’t give you the flexibility to establish your brand through your training modules. With open-source, you get full stylistic capabilities to ensure that your corporate learning experience reflects the business goals. 

 And when it comes to open-source learning management systems, you’ve got a few different options to choose from 

The Advantages of Moodle Workplace

Moodle is the most widely used open-source LMS in the world. It is a community-driven product. Therefore, plugins and updates are constantly appearing as users refine the platform. Currently there are over 1,600 plugins available, which gives you countless options for customization. Moodle’s latest solution, Moodle Workplaceexcels with organizational and corporate training, such as: 

  • Workplace Safety Training. Add video, quizzes, and external resources to your safety compliance training. Moodle Workplace lets you know who has completed the training and who hasn’t. 
  • Onboarding. HR can finally get the feedback they need to know who is doing well with training and who needs further instruction on a particular topic. Courses can be duplicated and customized so that individual departments can  make modifications based on their needs. 
  • Product Knowledge Training. Moodle Workplace facilitates training across all departments so everyone is on the same page and has the same talking points for a product launch.  
  • Competency-Based Training. L&D managers can define competencies that employees need to master and receive reports that tell them when the competencies have been gained.   
  • Continuing Education. Management training, leadership courses, and other classes that facilitate advancement in a company can all be offered on Moodle. Make it easier for your employees to further their careers with online coursework. 

The one caveat of using Moodle is that, although core Moodle can be spun up and hosted by an organization if they have the expertise, is that it’s best if the program is deployed and run by experts. Hire a good IT team to manage the LMS and all its various modules and plugins for you. The system needs care and attention to perform at its peak. 

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The Advantages of Totara

Totara Learn was launched in 2010 to add workplace functionality to the Moodle platform Now the leading open enterprise learning solution, Totara Learn works to provide  features that are specifically tailored for corporate learning.  

Perhaps the most important of these is performance management tied with powerful reporting. With Totara you have the power to manage a wide range of goals, appraisals, and assessment types; everything from quizzes and polls to formal writing submissions. You’ll receive data about the number of test attempts, scores, and other progress statistics. 

Blended learning environments and multiple styles of learning can all be tracked and managed within Totara. Manage offline activities such as classroom discussions in addition to online courses and research. Controlling all learning from one platform centralizes the workflow and gives L&D managers greater flexibility in scheduling and course design. 

All HR data can be integrated into Totara. Employee information can be loaded in and updated automatically and hierarchies can be created to mirror your current organizational structure. Know at a glance what courses employees have completed, the date of their next promotion, and when they have requested two weeks of vacation. 

Totara is fully mobile compatible and responsive. Use it on tablets or phones with no loss of features or function. This is especially key as the new generation of employees expect to be mobile in their learning experiences.  

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Hire the eLearning Experts

Give your workforce the flexibility to succeed with an open-source LMS. If you’re ready to get started, contact the experts at eThink, who can help you host, develop and design an eLearning platform tailored to your organization. Or, request an individual demonstration below to explore Moodle, Moodle Workplace, or Totara to determine which solution can best meet your learning goals. 

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