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  May 24, 2019

Healthy High Performance – Leading a Cultural Evolution

Where’s the recipe book for creating a great culture?

Is Google’s onsite haircuts, napping pods, and free, massive quantities of food the formula more companies should adopt? 

What about Zappos – “We will pay you to leave if you our culture isn’t right for you” policy? 

How much does Warby Parker spend to have a dedicated team making sure there’s something fun for co-workers to do on a regular basis? And, do they really see the financial rewards for that kind of non-work related expenditures? 

Can companies model what Southwest Airlines, REI or Twitter has done to foster a common mission  and turn their employees into raving fans dedicated to working passionately for the business and customers? 

There’s a reason, beyond good business ideas, that these companies are crazily successful.  

Organizations that put their people first and pay attention to not only the basic needs of their employees (a living wage, safe working conditions, appropriate benefits and work-schedules)  will be met with sustainability, employee retention and engagement, and on average a 682% revenue growth OVER their competitors. 

That’s right! According to a research study (Corporate Culture and Performance, Kotter and Heskett), firms that have a Performance Enhancing Culture experience a 682% revenue growth over firms without a performance enhancing culture. 

Fortunately, the research is in and many organizations are committed to evolving their leadership style in support of a healthy engaged culture.

While it may take significant focus and energy to get the culture train moving in the right direction, companies that make the effort are handsomely rewarded.

  Anisa Aven, NLPC, BCC, CEO of TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions & Webinar Emcee