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  September 26, 2017

Why You Should Use Executive Coaching to Solve Your HR Talent Crisis

Learn how to use executive coaching to improve HR support, resulting in significant improvements to your talent management system.

I recently came across an interesting article written by Mike Prokopeak for Talent Management called “The Talent Crisis in Your HR Department.” Basically, the article takes a close look at a study recently done by the Hackett Group that shows business leaders are significantly unhappy with the amount of support given by their co-workers in human resources.

Consider some of the statistics that came out of the study, titled “Cracks in the Foundation: Closing the Critical Skills Gap Undermining Business Capabilities:”

• Executives claimed they get support from their HR departments less than 35% of the time.

• A mere 13% of executives said their HR departments provided a full range of services.

• 79% of executives polled said they were dissatisfied with HR’s ability to collaborate and share knowledge.

• 75% are not happy with HR’s support for employee retention.

• 70% of executives said they were not happy with HR’s support for learning and development.

What’s the reason for the lack of support? What has changed?

As organizations face budget cuts and are forced to do more with less, the HR focus is slowly being taken off employees, and put more on areas like organization and analytics. This means that many of the people in your company’s human resources department simply may be spread too thin.

Let’s face it. The habit of being careful with our budgets and our resources is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. But having an HR department that simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to tend to your strategic employee needs won’t bode well for your organization in the end. So what can you do to ensure that these employee needs are met, without hiring additional staff?

You can provide your human resources team with the strategy and knowledge they need through executive coaching. There’s no need to blow your budgets hiring long-time personnel, when you can help the HR folks you have to better meet the challenges they face. A good executive coach can take a detailed look at your organization, and help your HR team come up with strategies to:

• Attract, retain, and engage top talent

• Provide employees with learning and development opportunities

• Collaborate with department and teams to ensure talent needs are being met

• Measure talent and boost productivity

Is your organization winning the talent wars, or is it stumbling along? If your human resources department is focusing on overall business results without spending adequate time on employee development, you’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle. Contact TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions at 281-469-4244  to find out how we can help you fill in the gaps and improve your talent management system through effective executive coaching.