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  September 26, 2017

The Leader Coach in action – 13 powerful thought-provoking questions for your team

Are you a Leader? Do you see your leadership style as a coaching one? Do you like to empower your team, delegate tasks and engage them effectively and consistently?

Instead of telling them what, how, when and why to do what is needed to accomplish, just set overall goal and timeframe, and help them design their way to achieve the best result.

Act as a Coach when leading your team, and ask for powerful, thought-provoking questions that support people in opening their minds, feeling more involved and performing at their utmost.

Here you find 13 questions that every Leader Coach should use with her/his team. Do you want to add some?

What is the first step to achieve the goal?
What are the subtasks you could split the goal into?
What is the timeline for accomplishing that task?
If I told you that it is too late, how would you respond?
What would the impact of this delay be on the final outcome?
What are the resources you need to accomplish this?
Where and from whom could you find additional resources?
How could your additional resources help you achieve the goal faster/set a different timeframe?
What obstacles do you envisage?
How can you overcome those obstacles?
What happens if you do not achieve the task in that timeframe?
What would the impact be on others and other activities if you achieved / did not achieve the goal?
How will you understand that you have reached the goal? How do you measure your success?