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f you are a coach or consultant you need to watch this archive.

Join Fletcher Wimbush, CEO of Discovered, as he dives deep into the topic of “Driving Business Results: Leveraging DISC Assessments”. Discover the potential of DISC assessments to transform your business dynamics, enhance team performance, and significantly improve communication strategies.

In this engaging session, we will share powerful business outcome stories reflecting the benefits and positive results from using DISC. We’ll dive into the ways DISC assessments have facilitated improved communication within teams, enhanced overall performance, and provided effective conflict resolution strategies.

You’ll gain insights into how DISC can inform your hiring and placement decisions, aid in professional development and training, and help in fostering a positive work culture. Learn from real-world examples and gain a clear understanding of the traits defined by the DISC system.

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools to conduct and interpret DISC assessments in your company, empowering you to leverage these insights to drive business results. We’ll also have an exclusive offer for all attendees that you won’t want to miss. So mark your calendars and prepare for a transformation in your business practices.

Attendees will receive:

Free DISC assessments to use immediately after the session

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