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Psychological Testing: What CHROs Need to Know

On a late September morning in 1976, I took my driving test at Rahway State Prison in New Jersey. Yes, the same prison where the Scared Straight documentary was filmed less than two years later I achieved adolescent independence on the road course that sits inside the confines of a state prison. However, unbeknownst to […]

How to Determine Training Needs Using a Training Gaps Analysis

How to Determine Training Needs Using a Training Gaps Analysis Follow Follow Follow Even the most effective training programs and methods can leave training gaps in employees or teams. Having indicators of training needs can help you identify performance gaps and provide more comprehensive training. Do you know what “indicators of training needs” are? Do […]

What to Expect From Leadership Training: 7 Benefits of Leadership Development Training

Do you know what to expect from a leadership course and how it can significantly benefit you and your employees? You may not realize it, but your employees and company need leadership training. The benefits of leadership development training extend beyond simply allowing employees to grow. When you provide leadership training in the workplace, you’re […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Social Learning in Your Training

Employers are always looking for ways to enhance the effectiveness of their training program. While it is true that each employee has his or her own unique style of learning, there are certain fundamental principles that can aid an organization in developing talent, boosting productivity, and supporting the unique needs of their teams. In this regard, social learning initiatives are becoming increasingly popular.  […]

The Essential Need For Feedback in Learning and Behavior Change

Have you ever found yourself doing something, only to learn later that it was not beneficial (or even harmful) to you? I am sure at some point in your life you have made a remark like “why didn’t someone tell me” or “who knew”. In times like these, we become reminded of the value of […]

Essentials for translation into Spanish-speaking markets

Entering a new market is always a daunting project and especially in the case of an international expansion to an entirely new country and culture. In the case of Spanish however, this venture becomes even more complicated since Spanish is the official language in 21 countries/territories and spoken by approximately 483 million people as a […]

LMS for Training Companies: Streamlining Your Learning Initiatives

When you are in the business of training personnel for other companies or organizations, you need the best possible tools at your disposal in order to deliver high-quality learning experiences. This is true whether your organization is a part of the larger higher education or university community, an accredited school for certification in key vocational skills, or a private business focused on […]

How an LMS Can Help Create a Thriving Workplace Culture

Why is a Good Workplace Culture Important?  If there’s one thing that most organizations can agree on, it’s that a positive workplace culture is a key element for business success. A strong company culture helps team members feel connected across departments or geographical locations, encourages brand loyalty, and supports specific goals for each employee and your organization as a whole. In fact, workplace culture can have a direct impact on a company’s growth, financial stature, productivity, […]

Supporting Remote Work with an LMS

Utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) for your business to deliver training and professional development is the new norm. Besides the obvious ability to connect employees at a distance, which can be particularly helpful for companies with multiple locations or global scale, there are many additional benefits to transitioning from traditional training to an eLearning […]

What is Hybrid Learning? How to Implement a Hybrid eLearning Strategy

One of the great benefits of the technological boom that has happened across all sectors within the last half-century is the development of digital learning and training solutions for every phase of life. Not only are today’s education initiatives better able to harness technologies to customize content and create more engaging learning experiences for students, […]