Best Practices in HR
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Crucial Conversations

What are Crucial Conversations? They reveal themselves during conversations with peers, direct reports, spouses, friends and supervisors when different needs emerge. There are 3 essential elements to all crucial conversations: opinions vary, the stakes are high, and emotions run strong. To stay focused on resolving differences we must have gentle attention, and use intelligent persuasion […]

Be Real – Why Is Transparency So Important?

Transparency Why is transparency so important for leaders to emulate? Transparency is the key to building trust. Staff members in less powerful positions within the organization feel more vulnerable when it comes to their sense of safety, power, and influence within the organization. Transparency on the part of the President or CEO provides security and […]

Successful Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable and should not be avoided BUT people can change the way they respond to conflict. The goal of successful Conflict Management is not its elimination, but to reduce its harmful effect and to maximize its useful ones! Which one are you? Shark – COMPETING – “My Way or the Highway!” Owl – […]

Leadership – Learned or Natural Skill?

Leadership may come naturally for some, but for most of us it is a learned skill. Find out your strengths in leadership and your weaknesses. Learn how to maximize your strengths and cover your challenges. Leadership development is more about developing yourself than anything else. Find the leader within you and learn how to relate […]