Best Practices in HR
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3 Tips for Retaining Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Retaining women employees is a critical issue, especially in highly male-dominated industries. It helps meet rising talent demands and provides companies with the benefits of gender diversity, like increased financial performance and a more positive reputation. As women face disproportionate job losses due to COVID-19, it is even more pressing. Organizations must strive for a […]

How Mentoring Can Increase Diversity in the Workplace

From increased social capital and network connections to higher pay raises and more promotions, mentorship can be a career supercharger. But ensuring that all employees have equal access to its benefit means moving beyond informal networking events or optional programs. Mentoring diversity in the workplace requires intention and strategy, and plays a key role in […]

5 Types of Diversity Technology Shaping the Future of Inclusive Work

From artificial intelligence and machine learning to data analysis and virtual reality, diversity technology empowers organizations to make smart, objective decisions that lead to greater equity at work. Diversity tech drives decisions based on data that focus on applicants’ and employees’ aptitudes and achievements, rather than on a subjective assessment of fit or potential where […]

4 Ways to Develop a Healthy Remote Work Culture

Building a healthy remote work culture is a challenge in good times. Today, with everyone scrambling to adjust to working full-time from home, it’s even harder. Consciously developing a strong remote work culture has benefits that extend far beyond the bottom line and provides your team with the support they need to deliver. Remote Work […]

Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence

Selecting your next binge-worthy Netflix drama. Tagging your mom in that Facebook-worthy family portrait. Optimizing your route to work to avoid traffic. Brushing your teeth. What do all these activities have in common? Artificial intelligence. (Yes, even the dental hygiene!) Surprised? Were you thinking of chess-playing computers and robot dogs? Or maybe a manipulative supercomputer? […]