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4 Tips to Build Sales Relationships and Engagement in a Virtual World

“So, how do you make a decision when you’ve got not just two good options, you’ve really got 10—or a hundred—good options?” Ami Tully Lotka, co-founder of Maximum Impact Partners and expert in sales strategy and mobilization, has a simple answer to her own question: “The relationship is what breaks the deal.” Lotka has worked […]

Remote Coaching for Results In Today’s Virtual World

As sales teams navigate the world of virtual selling, leaders seek new ways to get—and keep—their teams informed, motivated, and successful. Remote coaching is a strength that organizations must develop to build connections across locations and time zones. At our recent webinar The Secret to Becoming a Better Remote Coach, Jake Miller, senior product marketing […]

How to Build a Business Case for Workforce Readiness Technology

Measuring the impact of learning and readiness initiatives on revenue is the billion-dollar question. In today’s uncertain environment, the answer is even more important. Rapidly changing markets, disrupted supply chains, and increasingly knowledgeable customers mean that companies must upskill employees to compete. But the ability to optimize learning—and maximize productivity—takes deep insight into how employees […]

How (and Why) to Drive Informal Learning with Video

Informal learning happens all the time at work—and that’s a good thing. Every time an employee searches for a definition of a new word, asks an experienced colleague to explain a process, or watches a video message from an executive, they’re learning. Informal learning comes in many forms: viewing videos, reading articles, participating in discussions, […]

9 Ways to Solve Your Technology User Adoption Problem

Change is hard. And we’ve had to change more this year than we have since … ever? Working and attending school from home has made the 2020 learning curve bend straight up. If you’re responsible for launching new programs, processes, or platforms at work, you know how tough it can be to get users to […]

Allego Reveals Future of Training at First S3 Virtual Showcase

Companies around the world are rethinking conferences and meetings, and Allego is no exception. Last week, we hosted our first-ever S3 Virtual Showcase, attended by nearly 700 sales, training, and learning and development professionals from hundreds of leading companies. This forward-looking combination of streaming and pre-recorded content leveraged the Allego platform to accommodate attendees’ unique […]

How Asynchronous Video Can Combat New-Hire Turnover

Employee turnover can be a significant drain on a company’s resources, especially when the departing employees are new hires. Aside from lost productivity, there are the 2x costs of recruiting, onboarding, and training both the employees and their replacements. It’s a common problem, especially since new employees have a high risk of leaving. Up to […]

How to Know if Your Team is Ready for Virtual Selling

Your company may have pivoted to virtual selling overnight this spring, but now you realize that working and closing deals when you can’t be there in person is the new normal. You need a long-term plan that will take you into 2021. For everyone used to sitting down with a prospect, it’s new territory. Your […]

Compliance Training: How To Make Virtual Learning Engaging And Effective

If you work in a regulated industry, you’re all too familiar with the challenges of keeping your sales team both up to date and in compliance. Compliance training may be one of the least sexy parts of your job—and the most important. Making sure sellers and other client-facing teams understand the correct messaging and actions […]

Sales Training: 5 Reasons To Choose Video over Text

Eureka! You’re a sales rep who just invented a better way to demonstrate the company’s newest product. Customers have been blown away, as have several colleagues who’ve seen your demo in person. Your next step: sharing this technique with the entire sales force. But how? Most of the company’s reps are scattered across North America, […]